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Pizza table without dospire In detail

Pizza table without dospire

The pizza table with no frying pan is a quick and crunchy dough, ideal for times when you do not have much time to prepare the meal! Preparation time 10 min. Easy difficulty Ingredients 280 g flour 1 teaspoon salt 3 teaspoons baking powder 4 tablespoons olive oil 480 ml water Preparation Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl: flour, salt and baking powder.

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By profession, my father Short

By profession, my father

Romanian fathers began to take leave for raising children. For financial reasons or simply for pleasure, more and more men prefer to stay home and raise their babies, while wives take over the family charm and make money at home. The father can take this leave, after the mother received the 42 days of leave of absence.

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The Caravan of Museums arrives at the surprise museum Ware

The Caravan of Museums arrives at the surprise museum

Global Mindscape invites children from 6 to 10 years old to the last holiday workshops of the Museum Caravan, held from September 5 to 8 at the National Museum of Old Maps and Books. The Caravan of Museums has already traveled, together with the groups of children, through four other museums in Bucharest: the "Vasile Grigore - painter and collector" Art Museum, the Technical Museum "Prof.

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7 creative ideas for after Easter Short

7 creative ideas for after Easter

Easter holidays have passed and you have left plenty of empty plastic eggs and cardboard formwork? Don't throw them away! Turn them into raw material for manual work and create small works of art. Here are some ideas on what to do with egg wraps and plastic eggs left over from Easter: Mini-greenhouse in egg-shaped form from eggshells Spring is the time when little ones can best observe how plants grow.

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Stress management and relaxation methods Short

Stress management and relaxation methods

In a previous article I showed how stress decreases fertility. In summary, I recall that the phenomenon occurs hormonal, vascular, but also psychosomatic. In the researchers' attention are the mechanisms related to stress hormones and their effects on the endometrium and the gonads. All stress is the cause of decreased libido and frequency of sexual contact, anorgasm and other disorders of sexual dynamics that reduce the chances of getting a pregnancy.

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Holy Molly Workshops, January 11 - June 28, 2014 Comments

Holy Molly Workshops, January 11 - June 28, 2014

Holy Molly Workshops, January 11 - June 28, 2014 At Holy Molly Workshops, you need nothing more, no scientist mind, no rules, and no one to tell you how to do any masterpiece. Everything you need already has you. Imagination. You can give free rein to the imagination, create the characters and happenings that you did not dare to speak aloud.

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